Event Ticketing

Ticketing and
Fundraising together!

No separate vendor software needed! Art Center Canvas can manage and sell general admission tickets for events with or without an admission fee. Each event can have four ticket price levels plus (+1) complementary level.

Ticketed events can be tracked for Fundraising Campaigns or Exhibitions.

Ticketed events can have more than one date scheduled, such as multiple performances of a single production.

Ticketed events can be grouped together as part of a multi-event offering.

How it works

You have the flexibility to create Ticketed Events that suit your center. For formal fundraisers, you can sell online tickets, create attendance sheets, name tags and place cards. Save attendees as a Custom Group for Donor Development.

For a concert, you can sell online tickets at different price levels and for multiple dates of a single production. For Date Nights, customers can purchase a ticket for themselves and multiple guest tickets.

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