Exhibition Management

Organized Artwork Intake, Acceptance and Show

Breath easier with Exhibition Management module. Elegantly manage every aspect of your art exhibitions, either open or juried. Use forms for staff or online forms for artists to enter their artwork.

Allow Artists to enter and upload entries online for Exhibits

Allow Jurors to view and accept entries online to juried Exhibits

Print Entry Lists for artwork intake and Receipts for returns

Print Show Catalog and Exhibit labels

Track artwork sales and commissions paid

How it works

Allow artists to fill out entry forms and upload artwork images online on the Exhibition Intake page. Allow jurors to view artwork entries in a separate online portal to accept artwork into the Exhibition. Manage the show with entry lists, acceptance emails to artists, show catalog, and artwork labels. Art Center Canvas also creates a corresponding inventory record to process sales of the exhibited artwork.

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Streamlined Virtual Operations

Robust Class Scheduling and Registration

Account Management for Individuals and Households

Membership Discounting or Point of Sale

Sales Analytics and Dashboards in real-time

Web Integration

Customers process registrations and memberships through your website

Add your styling and brand on each web page

Collect customer analytics right from your website in real-time