Easy and flexible
memberships you control.

Membership included with set donation levels

Membership levels defined with set discounts for classes, camps and events

Membership dues (usually at higher levels) can be pledged and the pledge payments can be automatically collected and processed.

Automated member discounts for events and classes

Create membership cards

How it works

You have the flexibility to allow as many memberships levels as you need. Allow memberships to apply to the named purchaser or to everyone in the household. Membership benefits and discounts are automatically displayed when customers are online or making a purchase at your center. Art Center Canvas will automatically check member status and apply member discounts as items are placed in the shopping cart. Membership renewal is a snap with automated email reminders prior to memberships expiration.

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Streamlined Virtual Operations

Robust Class Scheduling and Registration

Account Management for Individuals and Households

Membership Discounting or Point of Sale

Sales Analytics and Dashboards in real-time

Web Integration

Customers process registrations and memberships through your website

Add your styling and brand on each web page

Collect customer analytics right from your website in real-time