Private Lessons

Scale your music
center with ease.

Schedule per semester and prorate for a shorter period of time

Easy drop and rescheduling for make-up lessons

Offer and apply discounts for membership and scholarships

Accept deposits, set up automatic recurring payments or pay-as-you-go payment plans

How it works

Lessons can be configured as recurring on a weekly basis with start and end dates that can be viewed and edited as needed. The time intervals of lessons can be 30, 45 and 60 minutes Keep organized and avoid scheduling conflicts with an internal calendar system that checks for double bookings, holidays and blackout dates. Lessons can be assigned to a specific location for conflict-free room management.

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Streamlined Virtual Operations

Robust Private Lesson Scheduling and Registration

Account Management for Individuals and Households

Membership Discounting or Scholarships

Sales Analytics and Dashboards in real-time

Web Integration

Customers process registrations and memberships through your website

Add your styling and brand on each web page

Collect customer analytics right from your website in real-time