JReport and Art Center Canvas -- what a great combination!

Enrichment programs, like music, arts and gymnastics have a unique mix of operations that need to be integrated: from registration of classes or private lessons, to memberships, events and gift shop sales.  All these operations must be accessible both internally and through their public website.

At ART CENTER CANVAS, we made it all possible on one enterprise platform.  ACC solves the problem of bringing together critical information scattered across multiple software programs, participants or hand-written notes.  ACC leverages clients’ existing staff resources, streamlines work flows and increases revenues, because you can do more!

Initially, ACC’S standard reports on transactions, registrations, memberships and donations were sufficient for our clients.  However, our clients wanted more detail or a slightly different set of information on their reports. So, we began offering an advanced report-writing tool and data visualization platform.  Unfortunately, we found that very few of our clients used this visualization platform.  The feedback from our clients was that the report-writing tool took too much time to learn, displayed limited number of data fields, and needed separate log-ins on a computer or website.

We needed to provide a better solution for our clients.  We choose JReport because this advanced report-writing platform is embedded in ACC.  Instead of logging into a separate computer or website, our clients have immediate access to their data, and JReport’s writing tools allow the most flexibility for our clients’ queries and the same great color graphics for data visualization.  The best part is that JReport is easier to use!  We are hoping that ACC data at their fingertips and a new user-friendly tool will propel all our clients to have flexibility to create  great reports fit for their center's needs.