Pivoting During the COVID-19 Crisis

Dear Art and Music Centers and Schools,

Our thoughts are with our clients, friends and their families. We are here and available to help. Together we will get through this difficult time and gather strength from each other. We’ve pivoted with you to support your needs during this crisis. To do so, we’ve expanded Art Center Canvas to provide the features you need right now.

⦁ Online classes: Set up and allow online registration for online classes through Art Center Canvas, with new fields for the URL address and meeting numbers, so your customers can register and have the necessary links to participate in live online lessons or watch a YouTube video of a remote class with their favorite teacher or artist.

⦁ Gift shop: Although classrooms for art, music, crafts and ceramics are closed, your gift shop and gallery don’t have to be. Add a webpage to sell artwork, merchandise and supplies. The shipping details and taxes are already set up for you to easily become an online shipper.

⦁ Gift Certificates: Rather than refunding 100% of a cancelled class offer an E-Gift Certificate, which are electronically generated gift certificate numbers that can be used for upcoming classes or events.

⦁ Donations: Add a “Please DONATE NOW” Page just before checkout through Art Center Canvas, so every online cart could be filled with a small donation to keep your organization running.

Submit your Support Request in Art Center Canvas, so we can get started helping you adapt and stay in touch with your community. If you’re not an Art Center Canvas subscriber, please give us a call and schedule a demo to see if we can help your center thrive.

Be well, be safe,

Albert Cahana, CEO
Raven Commerce Systems, Inc.