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Can CANVAS display class registration in my website in a way that’s appealing to my audience?

CANVAS webpages mirror the appearance of your public website, and updating class registration information on your public website is a snap using CANVAS easy and intuitive interface.  Back office and public website integrated seamlessly!

Can CANVAS convert my customer data from our current system?

CANVAS can convert data from:

  1. Microsoft Excel spreadhsheets, FileMaker Pro

  2. Active Networks

  3. Raiser’s Edge

  4. Access Database

Scheduling classes flexible on the system?

CANVAS allows classes to be registered as:

  1. Classes recurring on a weekly basis (by semester)

  2. Classes as contiguous days M–F (by week)

  3. Classes as random collection of days or individual classes (drop-in)

The platform checks for any overlap in class scheduling on the internal calendar system

Each Class set up allows:

  1. Member and nonmember prices

  2. Price for the entire class period (multiple days) or per diem rate.

  3. Fees associated with supplies and

  4. Establish a WAILIST

  5. Set the location

Does the software manage membership?

  1. CANVAS allows unlimited membership levels, and each membership level can be assigned a different discount

  2. CANVAS allows you to establish if a discount applies to Purchaser or all of Purchaser’s Household (partner and children).

  3. CANVAS checks Membership Status when items, such as purchasing classes, supplies, tickets etc. are placed in shopping cart.

Will my online transaction to populate into my Accounting System?

CANVAS integrates with Quickbooks (QB) DeskTop Version and QB Online Version.

It can populate the several QB general ledger accounts for your classes, supplies, donations and ticketed events revenue.

Does CANVAS offer Private Lesson Scheduling (one-on one teaching)?

CANVAS allows you to schedule instructors’ time in 15 minute increments to allow for 30, 45 and 60 minutes lessons over a specific semester or session. If your instructors teach more than one instrument, CANVAS has you covered, allowing you to specify the instrument.  Instructors can see their lessons schedule in the internal calendar system.

How does CANVAS keep track of all the ways our students, members and donors engage with our center?

Each Participant/Household has an account with a history of participation (classes, supplies, events, donations) in CANVAS, and no skill levels!

CANVAS has a wide range of data field.  It can collect customer’s information such as seasonal addresses, demographics, class attendance and much more. CANVAS can handle it all.